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Protestas en la Ibero hacen salir a Peña Nieto por la puerta trasera 


I’ve read real testimonials about what the goverment of Peña Nieto did to Atenco’s people. They were just peasants fighting for their lands because the goverment threw them out giving 10¢ by cubic meter… (10 mexican cents aren’t nor a tenth of a penny) so this bastard sent to the armed forces to “calm down” the situation…. Women were sexually abused, if they opposed hit brutally, men were hit brutally as well but many until death while police was mocking at them, making fun of their suffering. That place was covered of blood (literally) of innocent people looking for justice….

Now this mother fucking bastard wants to be president of Mexico so he’s doing campaign at universities, he went to "Universidad Iberoamericana" few days ago, where students protested in name of Atenco’s people. Peña Nieto just ran away from the situation and media says that those students were intruders of the opponents. THAT’S NOT TRUE we actually are so fucking tired of this, media over the world probably won’t transmit anything of this at news so that’s why I write this… the worst enemies of my country are the government, media and police itsef and w
e CAN’T allow this murderer to be president, year by year they do the shit they want in a country that’s supposed to be democratical, so maybe you can understand now why there’s a lot of immigrants that prefers die and serve as slaves to the other side of this country.

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13th May 2012 - Reblogged from Juana Mezcales


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    La mejor noticia. corazonespintabayo:
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    Ya hasta por Tumblr están rolando estas publicaciones. Que gachos son, todo por no permitirle llevar los 900 que pedía....
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    Realidad en la Ibero Cd. de México.
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    Protestas en la Ibero hacen salir a Peña Nieto por la puerta trasera ATENCO NO SE OLVIDA, NI PERDÓN NI OLVIDO
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    Ya no va a visitar universidades, porque están en epoca de examenes “y no quiere distraerlos”. Cobarde.
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